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Advanced Topics for Seasoned Australian Property Investors

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Climb up the knowledge ladder. This article is for seasoned investors who are looking to make a jump in their property investment journey in Australia.

Further Narrow Down Your Search - Start Here

When you invest in property you would have narrowed down your property choices through an investment selection criteria, carried out informed research, and collected sufficient information on market demand.

To further narrow down your options and to choose a property that might fit you, we suggest picking properties which are around your 'affordability' matrix. We've built a calculator on Google Sheets to help you do this (available for free download here).

Assumptions in this Calculator

Your income is multiplied with an estimated multiplier. This multiplier takes into account a rough estimate of how much lenders are willing to lend to you. This is affected by how secure your financial situation seems and the current rates (mortgage rates used in this calculator are dated Q4 2019 and are for foreign investors).

*Disclaimer: This calculator is just an estimate and should be used as a general rule of thumb only to help you quickly sift through various deals. Your actual loan amount will be disclosed to you by your Lender and the Lender's solicitors after Unconditional Approval has been issued.

Broader Topics

We've compiled key topics covered by global industry experts to help your investment learning.


Timing is a key factor and price. To discover hidden deals please get in touch with us. We are often exposed to various special opportunities only available to our clients. Depending on your criteria we would recommend you to the best available option that we know. Please register your interest here.

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