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How refinancing helps you when investing

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Why Should You Refinance Your Investment Property?

As a foreign investor, your mortgage often comes with the benefit of an Introductory Offer. As the period for your Introductory Offer comes to an end, it's always worth checking if you can switch products to either save you on interest rates, reduce your monthly repayments, or release further investment capital for you to invest more.

Why you might stay with your current lender?

  1. Save on fees. When you stay with your current lender, usual fees for legal paperwork and valuation would have been paid once in your application previously.

  2. Save time. To refinance with a new lender, there’s a need for you to be actively involved in the search process to evaluate your options 1–4 months before your rate expires.

Why you might remortgage with a new lender

  1. Access better deals. Your current lender’s deals are only a tiny fraction of the overall refinance market. Also, you might find not just lower rates, but more flexible terms out there.

  2. Lender refinances deals, like zero solicitor fees, or free valuations.

How do you do this hassle-free?

Engage with a broker. Right after you sign-up, you would be assigned a representative to help you with your refinance application. Your representative is online and, on the phone, when you need them. Most importantly, by your side the whole way.

✔Answer any big or small question.

✔Find the best refinance deal for you.

✔Apply for your Australian refinance package, take care of your paperwork and negotiate with lenders for you – make your refinance application easy.

Interested to learn about your options for your refinance? Speak with us to learn about your options.

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