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Finance for Malaysia all in one place

We are different from a bank because we search for 15+ financial institutions for your deal.

Fast and Simple

You are not just applying for 1 loan product. You are unlocking our expert advice. We recommend the best way for you to achieve application success. Example of products we may recommend are Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan, Refinance, SME Financing, and more.


Apply online in minutes, it is fast and easy. You can apply for a loan from the comfort of your own home. There is no upfront fee for the assessment, just fill-up the form online and submit documents.

Better than your bank

A bank only shows you its own loan products, which might not be the right fit. We search the whole market: 15+ financial institutions from 20+ investment options, to find your best possible deal.


We’re building brand new ways to help you gain finance. Receive an answer from us within 5 business days. You'll learn about the best ways you can apply for a loan from different banks.


Apply online, all in one place.

Facilitate your entire process online. All through Google Forms.

*No credit card required.

We search the market to find you the best possible option

15+ Financial Institutions

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