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Do investors really understand your idea?

Vanguard helps project owners to value their ideas while helping them to keep majority of their shares

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You have a great idea, but what's stopping you?

Investors which you have in mind do not believe or trust your idea, isn't it?

Why do investors not trust your idea?

The answer to this has been revealed by the world's greatest investor.

"Never invest in a business you cannot understand because risk comes from not knowing what you're doing"

- Warren Buffet

If they don't understand your idea, why should they even ask?

Investors usually only worry about themselves, and if they don't think your idea is valuable for them, they won't even show an interest!

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These guys, can't even describe their idea. Such a waste of my time.

This proposal is a waste of my time even when the idea showed promise

Honestly, who's job is it to explain your idea?

Challenge: find the perfect person to explain your idea to investors (copy, message, images, story, finance, etc) 👇

The Marketer

Creates high-level strategy but can't help with the copy and financials

The Founder

Creates great ideas but may not know how to explain them

The Designer

Delivers great design but doesn't understand investments

Just ask yourself...

Who understands investments, knows how to structure pitch decks, has copywriting experience, and has designing capabilities to deliver a result?

Bad messaging & finance is costing you $$$

When potential investors have a hard time understanding your idea, they have many questions/objections and if left unanswered, they'll likely skip past you - not giving you a chance at all.

What if there was an expert to answer investors questions about your ideas?

Wouldn't looking for investors be more objective compared to receiving no feedback at all...

With a proven track-record

To save you the time without the trial and error

Start your fundraising journey here

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What about the fee?

Our fee starts at A$2,000. (It depends on service requirements, but the average is A$5,800).

The fee includes

Business Valuation

A$5,000 - A$15,000

Messaging & Pitch Deck

A$2,000 - A$3,000

Fundraising Strategy

A$250 - A$500

Ready to get started?

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Unlock connections to funds

Take advantage of our relationships with fundraisers and fund owners to enable your project to raise successfully.

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